Benadryl Allergy Relief Acrivastine 24 Capsules

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  • Age: Adults and children 12 - 65 years
  • Dose: One capsule as necessary up to three times a day
  • No more than 3 capsules to be taken in 24 hours.
  • Adults over 65 years and children under 12 years: Dose: Not recommended.

For hay fever, dust allergies, pet allergies, skin allergies

Benadryl Allergy relief works to relieve the symptoms of hay fever and other allergic conditions such as pet, skin or dust allergies.
These symptoms include: Itchy, runny nose; Sneezing; Itchy, watery eyes; Urticaria (hives & itchy skin rash).

Each capsule contains: Acrivastine 8 mg
The capsules also contain Lactose

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